Integrated marketing consulting
Shenlin technology is an intelligent cloud platform focusing on global marketing
Main Business
Marketing consulting
Based on the methodology system of "integration of quality and effect", at the brand end, it helps customers improve brand awareness and reputation and realize the improvement of influence. At the effect end, it helps customers to collect sales leads, guide stores and promote final transactions. Provide brand strategy, content creation, media marketing, public relations communication, social marketing, search marketing, user operations, overseas marketing and other full value chain marketing services.
The marketing strategy
Based on the results of marketing consulting, we will develop different marketing strategies through different media channels and develop systematic promotion strategies; Thousands of thousands of accurate positioning of the crowd; Thousands of thousands of right accurate communication creativity; Real-time monitoring and data tuning. Based on the available post-link data such as data bank and digital square, stratified and differentiated crowd operation scheme for consumers; Full-link crowd tracking, forming a benign marketing closed loop, helping the growth of brand crowd assets. At the same time, douyin, Kuaishou and other video delivery platforms help to quickly improve the brand sound volume; Accurate crowd reach drainage effect controllable; Backflow in the station carries out secondary marketing and feeds the creative incubation of the massive amount of text and short videos in the station to improve the drainage capacity.
Content and Creativity
Combining user portraits with their own brand and product positioning, content and creative planning, using impressive stories and shareable content to unite people, and ultimately achieve user loyalty to the brand. And can use marketing platform to implement marketing activities planning, creating, examination and approval, online, material, technique, communication, response, the interest of the success criteria, products, also in the platform for management and configuration, as well as the feedback and evaluation of process automation, greatly reduce the manual and repetitive tasks in the process of marketing activities, and make the whole marketing process more effective.
Evaluation and feedback
The media strategy is carried out with crowd data insight as the biggest prerequisite, and multi-dimensional data such as execution effect and project experience are recovered in the PDCA process of project implementation, evaluation and communication improvement, so as to expand and deepen the insight work of vehicle data and form a complete closed loop. From the perspective of customers, the marketing evaluation report system evaluates marketing execution and marketing effect from multiple dimensions such as customer group, product and channel.
Shenlin Technology - marketing intelligent platform

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