To provide users with comprehensive business scenarios,
combined with millward Brown's technical innovation capabilities,
to provide solutions in multiple fields
Digital marketing system
The solution
  • Most car companies have shifted to creating personalized consumer experiences from a user perspective

    Car digital marketing platform to establish and improve the enterprise awareness of the market and the ability to predict, more accurate demand for back-end resources of the supply chain, can help companies from product development, procurement, manufacturing, logistics, human, capital and other resources reasonable configuration, also directly decided the enterprise ability of revenue and profitability.

  • Started to build digital marketing platform is given priority to with links to the client, to reconstruct the original mode of manufacturers to distributors, customers, and to build ecological system, to reach the company, customers, merchants, and third-party service businesses access and cover the entire journey customers pre-sale, sale and after-sale, through the data to provide accurate product and service to customers.

  • Under the digital marketing platform, manufacturers make use of their own resource advantages, integrate online and offline activities, guide the flow of dealers, heat up, provide sales tools, mobilize the enthusiasm of dealers, supplemented by assessment indicators, will obtain process data in addition to the result data. Promote dealers to gradually rely on manufacturers' platforms to carry out business, so as to obtain more business data and enrich digital assets.

Project results
To create a marketing center, covering all business areas of car enterprises
Carry out comprehensive tag building around people, cars, homes, terminals and content
Shenlin Technology - marketing intelligent platform

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